Product Care

LUXQUISITE jewellery is produced by selective diamonds and metals, and its quality is outstanding. In order to maintain the original color and luster, we recommend that you carefully maintain and store the product properly. Wearing and maintaining jewellery carefully can make it last forever.

Your LUXQUISITE jewelry is made of rare materials such as precious diamonds and metals. Jewelry should be selected according to your activity.

Please avoid wearing your jewelry in the following situations:

• When washing your hands, avoid soap bubbles splashing into the crevices of the jewelry and making them lose their luster.
• When performing activities that require the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.), so as not to damage the diamonds on the jewelry.
• When exercising, avoid shock and damage to the jewelry.


We also recommend that you avoid:

Place jewelry near a heat source: drastic temperature changes can cause irreparable damage to the diamond.
When spraying perfume and makeup: the chemical components in the cosmetics can damage the diamond.
When you are not wearing jewelry, please put the jewelry in the jewelry box. In addition to preventing dust accumulation, it can also prevent moisture in the air.
Maintenance of K gold jewelry

• Avoid contact with chemicals such as bleach, detergent, etc., and also avoid wearing K gold jewelry when doing housework
• Wash the K gold jewelry with a diluted soap solution, and then dry the water with a soft cloth
• Use non-abrasive cloth to remove fingerprints and stains on the surface, such as silver cloth or glasses cloth
• Avoid placing K gold jewelry with other jewelry, especially diamonds, because their hardness will cause friction and scratches, so they should be stored separately in a Brie box