Can I cancel an order or exchange/refund?

All LUXQUSITE products do not provide exchange and refund services. We will ensure that all packages are properly packed to prevent any damage before shipping. If you have any quality problems, please contact us within 24 hours after receiving the package.


Are the products in stock?

Most of our products are in stock. If some of the products are sold out, it will be displayed as a pre-order (Make to order), and the time required for pre-ordering is about 2-4 weeks.


What should I pay attention to when placing an order?

Please reconfirm the selection of product information and ensure that the delivery address is correcta dn we will handle the rest.

How to measure my ring size?

Please refer to our Size Guide


I bought the wrong ring size, what should I do?

Please refer to our size guide before purchasing to avoid size problem. In addition, LUXQUISITE will provide one free of charge size changing service, and the buyer will pay for the return and re-shipment of the product.


What is 18K white gold? 18K rose gold?

K (Karat Gold) refers to the gold content and purity, and the 18K gold content used by LUXQUISITE is as high as 75%, which is the same specification as the familiar and well-known jewellery brands on the market.


Why not use 24K pure gold? The metal itself is not suitable for making jewelry because of its high ductility. It is easy to deform due to collision.


Karat gold is used to avoid the very soft characteristics of gold and to make its color more suitable for current popular jewellery. Therefore, gold is synthesized with other metals to increase its hardness, toughness, and display in different colors.


18K white gold


18K white gold is a white alloy made by smelting gold and palladium or nickel, silver, copper, zinc and other metals. 18K white gold, which is 75% gold combined with 25% palladium or nickel, silver, copper and other metals. The main component is still gold.


18K rose gold


The composition of rose gold is: pure gold, copper, silver/zinc. The main ingredient is still gold.


Will 18k gold fade? Can I wear a shower?

18k gold is not colored by electroplating, and the amount of gold is as high as 75%, and there will be no fading problem under normal circumstances. Except for excessive wear and tear, the original color of gold will be exposed, and there will be an illusion of fading. In addition, 18k can safely exposed to water, but try to avoid exposure with too many chemicals.


How to maintain my jewellery?

Please wipe clean the jewellery that you haven't worn for a long time and store it in a closed place. In addition to prolonging the service life of your jewellery, it can also avoid the accumulation of dust.


Regarding product warranty?

LUXQUSITE provides a one-year warranty. We will provide repair services within one year after purchase. If damage includes (stone falling/broken link/ear acupuncture breakage, etc.), fees will be charged according to different situations.


Why your price be can be cheaper than market price?

We have more than 20 years of experience in jewellery industry, reliable gemstone sources, and LUXQUISITE factories and design teams, which save expensive marketing costs, so we can provide more reasonable prices than retailers