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With more than 20 years of jewellery wholesale experience, we have been actively participating in jewellery exhibitions around the world for many years, serving buyers from different countries, and closely grasping the market's popularity sensitivity. Our products are jointly developed by Hong Kong local designers and master craftsmen. The quality and style have always been recognized by buyers from all over the world, which also enriches our professional knowledge and valuable experience in the jewellery industry.


With the stable development of the company’s business, we recruited more local jewellery designers to join our team, and founded LUXQUISITE in 2018, committed to create a local brand belonging to Hong Kong, focusing on providing simple and elegant designs at reasonable prices. The style allows every girl to wear 18K real gold and natural diamonds. Wearing jewelry is no longer an unattainable dream.



LUXQUISITE stands for the fusion of Luxury and Exquisite, using high-end jewelry materials to make every piece of jewelry, from the designer's concept creation -> hand-painting -> to production, using traditional polishing and inlays, every step is carefully checked, and the sense of luxury is also Can easily reveal.





隨著公司的業務穩定發展,我們招募了更多本地珠寶設計師加入團隊,並於2018年創立了 LUXQUISITE,致力打造屬於香港的本地品牌,專注為年輕族群提供簡約優雅的設計,且價格合理的款式,讓每位女孩都可以配戴 18K 真金以及天然鑽石,配戴高級珠寶不再是遙不可及的夢想。



LUXQUISITE 代表 Luxury 與 Exquisite 的融合,使用高級珠寶材料製作每一件首飾,由設計師概念創作->手繪->到製作,利用傳統的打磨鑲嵌,每一步驟都層層細心把關,奢華感也就能輕鬆展露。

  • 自家手繪設計

    由香港本地設計師組成的 LUXQUISITE 設計團隊,打造出最適合香港女性的珠寶首飾

  • 可靠鑽石來源


  • 精湛工匠技藝


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