3 reasons to love classic chain rings

A ring made of chains is worth savoring.
The classic Fae Touchpoints Diamond Chain Ring is the first series of products launched by LUXQUISITE. It is also because this product is gradually getting to know us. It can be seen that its charm is amazing and it is deeply loved by everyone!
This time, we will introduce LUXQUISITE star product# Fae Touchpoints Diamond Chain Ring
We have sorted out three characteristics worth having it, which are also the reasons why everyone surrendered to it.

1) Unique --- Chain instead of ring

Different from the traditional ring design, the ring made of cross chain is more suitable for finger circumference. In addition, the design of pull wave buckle can be adjusted freely without worrying about the size, and can be worn on any finger according to one's heart, showing various matching methods!

2) Classic-Seven Points (0.07cts) Four Claw Drill

The most can show the diamond refraction dazzling round diamond cutting, small and clever charming seven points real diamond, the devil hidden in the details, faint exudes elegant temperament!

3) People-friendly-daily collocation of good helpers

LUXQUISITE convey that wearing jewelry is no longer a distant dream, so we pay great attention to the price of product positioning and design!
In addition to the plain price of this chain ring, the simple shape can also be easily matched with other jewelry styles, which can be said to be a very easy-to-use style!
#Fae Touchpoints Diamond Chain Ring is an entry-level jewelry style, opening a beautiful small window to the colorful jewelry world!
  • Fae Touchpoints Diamond Chain Ring

    The 18K detailed chain is used as the ring body and matched with small diamonds to form a romantic encounter.

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